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Kids and Classics Boatshops Museum

Wooden Boat Building and Restoration while Helping Kids at Risk in the Community

What can you bring to this unique community?

 Skills Sets and the Sourcing of Materials, Supplies and Storage

   -  Teach us things we don't know yet or methods have not tried

    -  Source of Materials and Supplies

    -  Source of Tools and Equipment

    -  Source of Indoor or Protected Storage Space for Boats

    -  Management Experience that may help the Shop run more effectively

    -  Accounting and/or Auditing Experience

    -  Experience with Youth at Risk in the Community

Boat Operating Skills and Experience

   -  Our fleet has grown and skilled operators with the boating experience are always welcome to take Kids and guests out for a spin. Let us know your particular interests in this area!

   -  Do you have the Canadian Power Squadron "Boating Course" training (or equivalent)?

   -  Have you owned or operated power pleasure boats of the sizes and types?

   -  Do you love sharing your skills with others?

   -  Then let us know your particular interests in this area!

Museum Development Ideas are welcome

  -  Disciplined study of the history of old boats, their builders and communities

  -  Particular research into the backgrounds of the boats in our fleet

  -  Creation of displays and media making this knowledge available to the public

  -  Teaching volunteers and our community about the historical value of our collections

  -  Design and maintain our micro-museum within the Beaumont Mill Antique Market

Hopper Racing Team

   -  Restore the Gas-Hopper 225 cu inch Hydroplane built in 1945 which has survived in original specification and which was owned and driven by Dave Norton from 1950 on.

   -  Restore the "Camper" Dave built to tow his Race boats from event to event - right up to his retirement from professional Race boat driving at age 75 in 1999.

  -  Create a Mobile Museum of Dave's history for display at regattas and boat shows

 -  Organize a campaign to have Dave inducted into the Hall of Fame as a unique Canadian Sportsman who epitomized the very term.

Youth Boating Program Development

  -  Engage in Boats 4 Folks kids return for a long term involvement in our program

  -  Development of a beginners sailing curriculum based on our 2 Lightnings and the Snipe

  -  Development of a beginners rowing/ paddling curriculum - using the Credit River or the 16 mile Creek

  -  Development of a "motorheads" boating program beginning with Sea Fleas.

  -  Bring more intentional "learning by doing" into our youth boat building efforts

  -  Expand our youth community involvement into new organizations and locales

Organizational and fundraising activities

  -  Work your business and community connections in the Halton Hills area to bring us more predictable financial support and sponsorship

  -  Bring a broader experience to or fundraising team

  -  Create fundraising events using our fleet resources

  -  Create a disciplined annual routine of writing Grant Applications

OK, if you read all this what do you think?

  -  This is of course a summary and not intended to deal with any particular aspect of the organization in detail but having said that, is there something that you saw of interest to you?


  -  Can you add a whole new view from your background that you believe may bring additional impact to our enterprise?


  -  Do you just want to go boating in antique boats?


  -  Do you just want to help out in the boatshop?


  -  Wish there was one of our Community Boatshops closer to you?


  -  Feel free to get in touch to discuss any possible involvement - together, we can be pretty inventive!

Future Possible Directions....

  -  Boat building programs that are integrated into school curriculum

  -  Develop a near the water/on the water museum of Ontario cottage country which is a tourist attraction at the top level and youth training campus at its roots

  -  A necklace of Community Boatshops across the country

  -  A hands - on boating skills training course complimentary to the CPS courses