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Kids and Classics Boatshops Museum

Wooden Boat Building and Restoration while Helping Kids at Risk in the Community

Welcome Aboard

K&C Boatshops Museum is a volunteer, non-profit, community boatshop and boat museum whose members like to work on old boats, go boating in old boats and more importantly share their love of the workmanship and unique qualities that went into creating them, with kids and others. We are best known for our many Programs as outlined below.

Boats for Folks

In a typical weekend event, 4 kids-at-risk build a 12' mahogany rowboat in 2 days and get then get right in it for a good row on the second day.

It is a "wow" experience for the kids and the volunteers alike. What the kids usually say as they carry the finished boat to the water is "I'm not getting in this thing - if I made it it'll sink for sure!" They bring "failure" to our program and our event is designed to begin the breakup of this story they have about themselves.


This year we have designed a new follow- up to this event which is intended create a new passionate interest and to see if we can have more of them come back longer and become more committed to the new path of winning that we have opened up. This will include rowing, sailing and "Sea Flea" outings!

Volunteering at K&C Community Boatshop

Another aspect of our organization is the volunteering opportunity. The Boatshop has regular weekly open times all year around including Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 9 and Saturday mornings from 8:30 to at least noon but often much later.


What are the requirements for volunteering?

Well, there aren't any beyond being interested in some aspect of our program and a keen interest the in making a difference in the community.

You do not require any particular skill sets to become a volunteer - in fact most of our volunteers are here to learn new skills themselves!


Not everyone wants to volunteer in the boatshop, they may live too far away, have allergies to some of the materials we work with or are just not inclined to the hands-on aspect or out life.

Well don't worry! It takes much more than the shop work to grow and fund such an organization and growth is part of the plan!